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    Helping 20 million people.
    Just like you.


    Medipay is a mission-focused company.

    We are committed to solving problems that exist between insurers and healthcare providers.

  • For Insured Patients.

    Nothing is more stressful than being admitted to hospital and not knowing whether your insurance plan is going to cover your medical expenses. The number 1 complaint by insured patients is the time its takes for approval from their insurers so they can be discharged.


    Medipay reduces the average wait time from hours to minutes. By selecting an insurer on the Medipay platform, you have the peace of mind that communication between your hospital and insurer is fast tracked and monitored in real time.

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    For Medical Providers.

    Providers that utilise MediPay’s billing solution can significantly increase the speed of coverage validation and verification, reduce the amount of administration work based on the adjudication rules encoded into the system from multiple insurance, self insured corporates and TPAs.

    As the health care industry becomes increasingly complex, so does the work that’s needed just to get paid. Medipay alleviates that burden for medical practices, hospitals, labs & pharmacies with practice management and medical billing services that drive measurable results.


    Medipay delivers cloud-based software with networked intelligence and back-office services. Your practice gets an efficient workflow, continuously updated software, and experts that take on your most time-consuming tasks—getting you paid faster, with less work.


    A medical billing platform that get you paid more, faster.

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    For Insurers & Payers.

    Your customers claims experience is the single most impactful factor to their customer journey, goodwill and word of mouth. Its the time when promises are delivered, either efficiently or sluggishly. Delays with GOP approvals and discharge from hospital admission accelerates frustration, stress and distrust.


    Learn how the Medipay platform solves this problem for your customers and policy holders. Clean, standardised and real time data allows your claims team to manage GOP requests and cases rapidly.


    Get on the platform that leading insurers and modern consumers expect.